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We’ve organized our FAQ into three different sections: questions on the Urban North subdivision, information regarding the homes (house plans and construction) and answers regarding our energy efficient approach. Please contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our FAQ.

Where is Urban North located?

Urban North is located off North Oak Trafficway and 100th St. in Kansas City, Missouri. The subdivision is within walking distance of several shops and a grocery store with easy access to highways and interstates. Downtown Kansas City and the Kansas City International Airport are less than 15 miles away.

Can I reserve a lot? Which lots are still available?

We are currently accepting Lot Reservations. This refundable deposit of $1000 is facilitated through a title company and will reserve the lot under your name for the time period specified on the contract. We will then work to create a design scheme and preliminary pricing on one of the 8 plans that you select, and upon approval, the Lot Reservation deposit will be applied towards your down payment. View our interactive plot plan to see which lots are available.

Will Urban North have an HOA?

A Homeowner’s Association has been established for Urban North. A copy of the by-laws is available at the Model Home or you may request a copy by filling out our contact form.

What School District does Urban North fall in?

Urban North is located in the AAA rated North Kansas City School District; schools include: Northview Elementary, New Mark Middle School and Staley High School.  Find more details about the elementary and secondary schools as well as utility companies on the Local Information page.

What is my expected initial investment to design-build in Urban North?

Your initial investment to design-build in Urban North will be 7% of the total cost of the home.  For example, a home that costs $400,000 will have a $28,000 down payment.  If you have reserved a lot, your lot-hold agreement fee is applied to your down payment.  The down payment will be split into three installments, each due at different phases of the construction process.

2% is due before elevation design begins | 2% is due upon signing main contract before ground breaking | 3% is due upon roof installation = 7% investment

Can I design my own house plan (outside of the 8 plans offered)?

We have tried to present a variety of house styles and sizes with the five base floor plans, however, we realize that every family has a different need for their home.  It is possible to introduce another floor plan but the additional set up costs would be approximately $12,000 – $15,000 to design a new home plan, complete the engineering, create a new set of ENERGYSTAR for New Homes documents and create new construction documentation.

On average, what's the square footage of the homes?

Depending on the home plan, the square footage of living space can change quite a bit.  Plan 1 includes 2140 sq. ft. on the main and upstairs level but the basement has the potential to add another 800 sq. ft. +/- . Plan 2 includes 2068 sq. ft. of living space on the main and upstairs levels, with another 900 sq. ft. +/- available in the basement. Plan 3 & 4 can range from 1900-2800 sq. ft. depending on the size of the basement finish.

What is the price range for homes in Urban North?

The price range for these homes will be anywhere from $400,000 to $500,000 but customizations and upgrades will affect the final price.

Will I be able to choose the fixtures and finishes for my home?

Depending on what stage of construction the home is in at the time of purchase, you will be able to customize the materials, finishes and fixtures for your new custom home.

How many house plans are available?

There are 8 specifically designed house plans for future Urban North residents to choose from, each with their own unique elevations.  We are offering 2 two-story plans, 3 reverse one-and-a-half plans and 3 one-and-a-half story plans.

How long will it take to build?

Depending on weather conditions and materials used, these homes will take approximately 8 months to complete from breaking ground.

Is it required for every home to apply and aim for ENERGY STAR for New Homes certification?

We will be registering each home and completing the necessary energy inspections throughout the construction process for a few reasons. First, under Owen Homes’ typical construction methods, the standard efficiencies implemented already come close to meeting the design criteria for ENERGY STAR for New Homes; Owen Homes, the exclusive builder for Urban North, only has to do a handful of minor upgrades to meet the requirements for the program. Second, because of the unique opportunity to have each house built with the higher efficiencies, it allows for all of the homes in Urban North to have better appraisal and market value because of the collection of houses with the same minimum efficiencies. Lastly, we want to offer our homeowners peace of mind about their home’s efficiency by having a third-party inspector verify all of the steps and documentation of the measures that have been implemented into each of the 24 homes.

What does ENERGY STAR for New Homes certified mean?

The ENERGYSTAR for New Homes certification promotes homes that are designed and built to deliver better quality, comfort and durability while providing up to 30% in energy efficient savings. New homes that earn the ENERGYSTAR for New Homes certification undergo inspections and testing to verify that it meets the strict specifications and standards that have been established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For more information visit,

What specifically makes these homes energy efficient?

Owen Homes is implementing energy-efficient construction methods and installing upgraded components to ensure an efficient home. Their construction team will create a secure and and air-tight building envelope while being cautious of material waste. Each home will be prepped for solar installation and benefit from upgraded insulation and HVAC systems, a fresh-air exchanger and rain barrels for irrigation. For more information, we encourage you to call Karelyn Geiger, the Lead Agent for New Home Sales at Urban North at 816.721.9400.