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House Plans

Urban North - House Plan 1

Plan 1

2140 square feet

Urban North - House Plan 2

Plan 2

2068 square feet

Urban North - House Plan 3

Plan 3

reverse one-and-a-half-story
2574 square feet

Urban North - House Plan 4

Plan 4

reverse ranch
2821 square feet

Plan 5 Elevation1

Plan 5

one-and-a-half story
2202 square feet

Urban North House Plan 6

Plan 6

one-and-a-half story
2203 square feet

Urban North House Plan 7 Elevation

Plan 7

2432 square feet

These 7 house plans are specifically designed for the Urban North subdivision and are aimed to be ENERGYSTAR for New Homes certified. Each of these house plans will available for future homeowners to choose from, each with their own unique elevations so no two homes in Urban North will appear the same.

Before choosing from one of the 7 house plans, we encourage you to take a look at our interactive plot plan to see the lot availability, layout and other information. Lots in Urban North vary in size and slope so the layout of the lot will affect which of the house plans you will be able to choose from and vice versa.

Depending on the level of construction at the time of purchase, future residents of Urban North will be able to customize their home by selecting materials, finishes and fixtures.  Contact us to schedule a consultation or for more information.